Luisa Dörr is a 28-year-old photographer who recently shot her first 12 covers for TIME Magazine using an Iphone. Dörr was found off Instagram by TIME, and she was commissioned to create 46 portraits of influential women in TIME’s special edition project called Firsts.


Who Did Dörr Photograph?

Hilary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and Selena Gomez are some of the prominent women Dörr photographed. Only 12 women were chosen to be featured on the cover of TIME, but all 46 of them are women who changed the world, hence the title Firsts.Times Magazine

Apple iPhones

In a TIME Magazine interview, Dörr explained why she chose Apple’s mobile phone for photography.

“I liked the practically, and of course I liked the resulting images,” said Dörr.

Dörr started the first portrait with an iPhone 5. She later upgraded to an iPhone 6, and eventually she got an iPhone 6S, but an iPhone 7 was used to photograph the last 36 portraits.

The iPhone was the tool of choice for Dörr because of its easy-to-use portability. Since the subjects had a busy schedule, the photoshoots lasted anywhere from two minutes to 20 minutes.

Iphone Settings

Dörr shot with the regular camera in square format. For instances were natural lightning was used, Dörr used automatic HDR and a reflector when it was necessary.

Dörr’s Discovery

Kira Pollack is the Director of Photography for TIME, and she found the photographer from Brazil while browsing Instagram. Pollack hired Dörr since she was captivated by the consistent portraits on her Instagram. Most of Dörr’s pictures are portraits of women, so Pollack tracked her down after feeling that she “synced with the vision” of Firsts.

Dörr’s Background Before TIME Magazine

Dörr’s interest in photography started at the age of 22. She later studied photography at the Lutheran University of Brazil. Dörr also has a background as a wedding photographer, but it was her photographic style, which was shot exclusively on an iPhone, that gained the attention of TIME. Her pictures have been published in magazines such as CNN and VICE.

Last August, Apple joined Instagram to showcase user-uploaded photos shot on an iPhone, and one of Dörr’s portraits was recently featured.

iPhones have redefined mobile photography. Professional cameras outperform iPhone cameras, but technology is constantly improving the capabilities of cell phone photography. Capturing the perfect moment is always time sensitive, so iPhones can be used to shoot photos anywhere. The saying that the best camera is the one that you have with you is still true, and it’s evident through Dörr’s portraits.

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