RED Hydrogen One Smartphone Preview

Earlier this year cinema camera manufacturer RED has teased an upcoming smartphone with holographic or so called 3D display. Of course, nobody has seen this phone in action, but MKBHD, known for using RED cameras for his Youtube videos, got a chance to meet up with the RED team and get his hands on prototypes of the RED Hydrogen One.

The phone itself has a very special industrial design that Marques Brownlee described: “It looks kind of like a Moto Z had a baby with a tractor. ” ¬†And that is true when you put it next to the iPhone 7 and 1+5, you will clearly see how much more robust and industrial it looks.

Reg Hydrogen One

The video also mentioned that right now it’s still not very smooth but this problem should be solved by 2018. Brownlee has also mentioned that in the next 30-40 days they might come up with the fully working prototype.

Yes, this is a special phone for special users, but will you really spend $1200 USD on it?

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