Photographing red hot volcanoes is definitely a dangerous experience. But with the help od drones it became a little safer, as the pilot/photographer can stay at the safe distance from volcano, and still be able to capture what’s happening inside.

However, flying over the heat of at least 1600°F (yes, this is how hot is lava), you risk your drone, as plastic shell and other parts can simply melt, and the lower you fly, the higher the risk.
Israel-based photographer Erez Marom traveled to Hawaii and captured the magnificent view of hot lava flows. He took some amazing photos, but in the end he spotted that images started getting darker. And after drone got back to him and landed, Erez realized that the plastic around lens has melted. But as photographer said, it was worth it.

melted drone capturing volcano

Here are some results he got flying and shooting over the lava:

About the Artist

Erez Marom is an Israel-born and based photographer, who has been traveling, taking photos and teaching all over the world. His first photographic passion was macro, but then he fell in love with landscape photography which changed his life forever. If you’d like to see more of his work, make sure to check out his websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

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