Great news if you are an existing Nikon digital camera user. The company has launched a revised version of its smart device app for iOS and Android™, Nikon SnapBridge Version 2.0.

We’ve used SnapBridge version 1 extensively with DSLRs such as the Nikon D850 and Nikon D5600. Frankly, that App is not particularly user-friendly and rather basic. It’s certainly no match to what you get with other apps, like Canon Camera Connect and Olympus Image Share.

Up until now, the SnapBridge App has been efficient for transferring 2MP images from camera to smart device via Bluetooth® connection, but not for much else.

Nikon SnapBridge Version 2.0 provides what appears to be improvements across the board, enriching the Bluetooth® connection experience of Nikon digital cameras. It’s a reassuring development from Nikon, with further promises from the company that it will continue to improve the App. 

We look forward to trying out version 2. In the meantime, here are some top five improvements made in Nikon SnapBridge Version 2.0:

Nikon SnapBridge Version 2.0 Display: A new screen design and menu structure

The screen design and menu structure has completely changed, including visual confirmation of the status of an operation, such as when a smart device is paired with a camera or connection status is changed.

Nikon SnapBridge Version 2.0 Connectivity: Easy first time pairing

Connecting a camera through Nikon SnapBridge Version 1 has always been particularly confusing. Version 2 offers different instructions for each category of camera. Nikon claims the text and image explanations for connecting camera and smart device will be easy for first time users.

In use, the connection between smart device and camera is more stable for all operations, including auto photo downloads.

For those lucky enough to own multiple Nikon DSLRs, up to five cameras can now be registered with the smart device running the app. Switching connection between cameras should be much easier.

Nikon SnapBridge Version 2.0 Operability: Less power consumption, faster operations

Apparently SnapBridge Version 2.0 is faster and consumes less power. Firstly, images are displayed quicker. Secondly, the app is equipped with a new power-saving mode, that acts like a sleep mode when a connection has been inactive for a while. 

Another new feature is a Location data accuracy setting that allows users to choose between lower power consumption and greater location data accuracy. It’s achieved by selecting how often the smart device updates location data.

Nikon SnapBridge Version 2.0 Remote Control: Remote control photography improvements 

For compatible DSLR cameras with built-in Wi-Fi, key camera settings can now be controlled from the SnapBridge app, through live view remote control. These settings include PASM exposure mode, aperture, ISO, white balance and exposure compensation.

Nikon SnapBridge Version 2.0 Collaboration: More collaboration with NIKON IMAGE SPACE

Nikon SnapBridge Version. 2.0 has a dedicated tab to use NIKON IMAGE SPACE, which is Nikon’s online image sharing space. Photos taken on a smart device using remote photography can now be uploaded automatically to NIKON IMAGE SPACE. 



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