First things first, the name of the new top-class full frame DSLR will be D850, and not D820 as various media outlets predicted before. Just the day before yesterday Nikon has released a teaser that has clearly said that D850 will be capable of shooting 8K time-lapses, which is actually quite a lot more impressive than what Canon 5D Mark IV can do.  Here is a teaser from Nikon Europe channel:

Nikon Rumours released images of the D850 that should be coming very soon. Brand new Nikon DSLR will probably get a 45-megapixel sensor and autofocus system from D5.

D850 Nikon

As we can see from this image, Nikon got rid of the built in flash that they have on current D810 and redesigned outlook of the camera. Nikon D850

What is really cool is that new D850 will have a tilt screen, which is extremely helpful when shooting video, or low angle pictures. Yes, this tilt system seems to be less versatile than the one on Canon 6D Mark  II, but it’s still better than just a fixed screen. Nikon D850

Another cool thing about Nikon D850 is that it will have illuminated buttons for more convenient usage in the dark situations (like they have shown in the teaser).Nikon D850

Nikon was rumored to have a late July announcement of the D850 on its roadmap and a ship date sometime in September. If today’s teaser was the first “announcement” and the ship date is still accurate, then we’ll likely be seeing an official announcement for this camera sometime in August.

via PetaPixel, via Nikon Rumours

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