In the photography media world such a young websites like Kinotika need some introduction in order to be understood or taken seriously. But the there is absolutely no need to explain who is the Kai Wong. Most of you might know him by his work as a host at DRTV. But since he and Lok left , Digital Rev TV went to the bottom and  Kai started working on his own channel. Here is his review of the Laowa 15mm lens.

Yes, China doesn’t have a lot of credit for manufacturing lenses, like Japan and Germany do. But Laowa 15mm is a great example of the high quality product. Lens has minimum amount of the distortion and color fringing. Yes, for the price of 900 dollars it is not very cheap but definitely not and unreasonably priced piece of glass.

Laowa 15mm has a smooth focus as well as clicky aperture ring for photographers and non-clicky one for the videographers. The huge aperture of F2 allows for a great low light performance without sacrificing too much sharpness in the corners.

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