The Grand Turismo game on Sony PlayStation is the first video game that offers a massive amount of the settings and controls over the camera, lighting, car and location selection.
The feature called “Scapes” allows the user to place the vehicle in the variety of different scenes, starting from interiors and garages and ending with city crossroads and spectacular landscapes.

Grand Turismo Sport

You can also choose where exactly to place a supercar in the frame, get the right angle, white balance, aperture, focal distance, motion blur, exposure compensation and so much more. Seriously, this is kind of camera and Lightroom all packed in one game.
 camera and Lightroom

PlayStation Access have even made a video that walks you through the workflow of the GT Sport Scapes. Check it out here:

And of course after creating a stunning photo (or render if you will), you will want to share it on social media, and PlayStation allows direct sharing to Facebook and Twitter.
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