GoPro just released the Hero 6 Black and it kicks butt. Check out our review of it here:

The Hero 5 black came out last year, and the release of the Hero 6 this year may mark the beginnings of yearly updates during the holiday seasons. This is great news because it took two years to see an update to the Hero 4, and the Hero 5 didn’t really add many features to the guts of the camera, just the body style.

The new Hero 6 Black comes packed with tons of amazing features, even though it sports the exact same body style as the older 5. The new camera shoots 4K video resolution at 60fps, as well as 2.7K at 120fps and Full HD 1080p video at 240fps. This camera really ups the game when it comes to slow motion capture.

The new GoPro Hero 6 records in H.265/HEVC format, which is kind of a pain to deal with right now because most computers and phones don’t natively play those files. However, if the H.265 is an issue, the camera still shoots H.264/AVC that we’re used to from the HERO5. Still, photos can be shot at up to 30fps at 12-megapixels both raw and jpeg.

The noise levels indoors are really bad.

All these features are great on paper, but how does the camera perform? The image quality in good lighting really is stunning, but once you go indoors, the image still falls apart like all GoPros always have. Really a shame as a lot of people buying this camera aren’t necessarily jumping off cliffs all the time, but are capturing their everyday life. The sensors in these cameras are just too small to perform well in poor lighting, so just keep that in mind when using this camera.
The best part of the GoPro Hero6, in my opinion, is the new image stabilization. It is insanely good. Better than anything I have ever seen in fact. The smoothness of it is being helped by the fact that the lens is already super wide, so you don’t see as many micro jitters as you would on a telephoto lens, but still, the stabilization is worth the upgrade. GoPro themselves have said they may be lowering the sales of their handheld gimbal because the stabilization has gotten so good! This all is because of the new G1 chip that GoPro has designed themselves. The new processor is what will give GoPro the competitive edge they have been needing.

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