It’s that time of year again when the popular photo sharing site Flickr reveals the most popular camera types and brands used to upload to its platform. Let’s take a look at the Flickr Year in Review 2017.

Flickr Year in Review 2017: Camera types

The Flickr Year in Review 2017 gave us one or two surprises. DSLRs have seen a rise in 2017, up from 25% to 33%, while mirrorless cameras remain at 4% for the third year running.

What we would have predicted though, is that a smartphone is still the most popular device type for uploading to Flickr, with a slight increase to a 50% share. Also, it’s hardly surprising that point-and-shoot cameras are down, from 21% to 12%.

Flickr Year in Review 2017: Camera brands

Brand wise, Apple is by far and away the most popular with a 54% share. Canon is in second place with 23% and Nikon third with 18%. Basically, iPhones dominant the list of most used devices for images loaded to Flickr.

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Flickr Year in Review 2017: What do we reckon?

We’re not sure how much to read into those stats, without knowing the demographic of the active Flickr community. 

On the face of it, the DSLR market remains strong, the point-and-shoot market is rapidly disappearing, while the mirrorless market is struggling to gather momentum.

We’d like to see how the active Flickr community has changed and grown over the last five years.

The camera market has changed a lot during this time. We know that the point-and-shoot camera market is shrinking.

We’ve also been told by various brands how much the sales of mirrorless cameras are growing year on year.

What do you think of the Flickr Year in Review 2017? Do you take and share pictures most regularly from your phone?

Flickr Year in Review 2017: Best photos from the community

The team at Flickr has a curated a wonderful collection of its Top 25 Photos from around the world – well worth the look. You can also browse Flickr’s top images by genre or by country.

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