Canon has a factory opening in plans by 2019 to move parts of its production lines back to Japan. This time Canon will be focusing more on full automatisation of the factory.  Manufacturer believes that this will help them to drop the cost of the domestic operations.

According to  Nikkei Asian Review  Canon has acquired a piece of land on the Miyazaki Prefecture in Southern Japan.  Estimated surface of the new factory is as large as 300 000 square meters and the cost of the project goes all the way up to $181 million.

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Canon hasn’t been opening any factories in Japan for last seven years, as the outsourcing is very cost effective strategy, considering Japanese labour expenses. However, the in the new factory assemble line machines (that don’t require any food, rest or salary) will be replacing humans.

Back in 2015, 56% of Canon products have been made in Japan, but by some time in 2019 this number might go over 60% with the help of new Miyazaki Canon factory.

(via Petapixel via DPReview)

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