For the last four years, we have been waiting to see if Canon would kill off its beloved SL1 or update it. Well, this summer, Canon surprised us with a really nice upgrade to the SL1, the new SL2 (or D200 outside North America). At only 14.32 oz (roughly 1lb with battery) this camera is super small and lightweight, making it a great alternative to other mirrorless options. Check out my findings in the video review below:

With new 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor, Dual Pixel Autofocus, DIGIC 7 Processor, 3” fully articulated touchscreen LCD, 1080/60p video, External Mic Input, and Wi-Fi with NFC and Bluetooth, the new Canon SL2 really packs a punch! All of these specs are everything Canon offers in much more expensive DSLR’s, and with the benefit of the small form factor of this camera, I am wondering why anyone would choose the step-up model, the Rebel T7i (EOS 800D) for an additional $200. Sure you get a few extra bells and whistles, but the thing that keeps bringing me back to the SL2 is its amazing size and weight.

The specs on this camera are great and the handling of it is fantastic as well. However, the SL2 has some of the weird design choices that other Rebel cameras have. For example, the aperture can only be controlled by an aperture button you have to hold down while you scroll the finger wheel. Another weird thing is that it has way fewer ISO increments and no kelvin white balance option.

You have to hold this button down while scrolling the wheel to change aperture. Really awkward.

For the price though, I personally feel that this is the best all-around camera to purchase from Canon this year. Seriously, I feel that strongly about it. It is just a joy to hold and use. The video quality on it is great and taking photos with it is so much fun. The trick is using small lenses with it so it doesn’t get top heavy. Canon makes two great pancake lenses that would pair well, and the EF-S STM lenses would work well on this camera as well.

The SL2 (200D) comes in white outside the US!

For vloggers, this may be the best option available right now. You get the reliability of the Dual Pixel Autofocus, the fully articulating flip out screen, and a mic input. The fact that the screen flips out to the side rather than down or up (like the M5 and M6) makes it better for vloggers/ YouTubers because you don’t have to have a workaround for mounting your shotgun mic. You can just use the hot shoe on top of the camera for your shotgun mic. Paired with a Gorillapod, VideoMic Pro, and the Canon 10-18mm STM lens, this camera is perfect for vlogs.

The SL2 really isn’t much bigger than the mirrorless M5.

Overall, if you are a professional photographer looking for a smaller body, a hobbyist who needs something better than their phone, or a vlogger/ YouTuber, I would highly recommend the SL2 (200D). Its price point and performance really outperform what I have come to expect from Canon. I hope that this isn’t the only thing we’re surprised about from them in the coming months.

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