Best Mobile Apps for Photo Editing On the Go

Cell phones have become the new platform for photo editing on the go. You can easily take a snapshot or just transfer another camera’s files over to your phone and edit away for multiple social media platforms.

Apps on IOS and Android offer a great alternative to the traditional Adobe Photoshop CC, and their biggest feature is mobility and usability. Not only are most of these mobile photo editing apps powerful, but edited photos can easily be uploaded right away! Sure, photo editing on a computer is going to give you more control and precision, but mobile photo editing apps offer something that computers lack: handheld portability. Here is a list of the best mobile apps for photo editing on the go:

Best photo editing Apps for your smartphone

PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor (Free IOS & Android):  picsart

This app is one of the most popular apps available for photo editing. With over 400 million downloads, PicsArt can usually be found in the Google Play Store with an Editor’s Choice tag. You can utilize user-created stickers into your photos, create instant collages, and edit photos with their wide range of tools. This photo editing app is the #1 photo editor and pic collage maker for mobile phones.


Adobe Photoshop Express (Free IOS & Android):


IOS and Android users can now experience Photoshop right on their mobile devices. This app supports RAW images, and a one-touch adjustment can auto-fix the contrast, exposure, and white balance. Adobe has been the leader of the photo editing world for a reason, so their app is definitely a must-have for your serious mobile photo editing needs.


SnapSeed (Free IOS & Android):


This mobile photo editing app was created by Google, and it includes 29 key tools and filters. SnapSeed offers a variety of filters for specific looks such as grainy and vintage, and it has RAW support. This app is best described by Google as a “complete and professional photo editor.”



VSCO (Free / In-App Membership $19.99 IOS & Android):

VSCOThis mobile photo editor is a simplified editor which utilizes a pull function to bring up certain app features. If you pull right on your mobile screen then you can check other community member’s works. If you pull left, it brings you back to the photo editing page. Pulling down will let you search for a specific person or keywords and pulling up will let you access your phone’s camera. For an annual fee of $19.99, users can also get more filters and monthly updated additions. This app is free, but the annual membership option will get you filters such as Kodak Portra, Kodak Ektar, and Fuji Pro 400H looks.

Pixomatic ($4.99 IOS / Android: Free + (In-app Purchase):

PixomaticThis layer based photo editor accurately removes and changes backgrounds in photos. Blurring photos and enhancing the depth of field to focus objects in an image is now easier with Pixomatic. This app is more of a “fun” app for creating a unique photo out of multiple images.



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