For the last few years cameras have been advancing faster than ever. Partially because of the amount of technology being developed at such speed for smartphones and computers. Not long ago, a camera was just a lens with a place for light to leak through and hit a strip of film. The mechanics of the camera were essentially the same for several decades. Now, cameras have become computers with sensors mounted to them. We have so many megapixels, so many lenses to choose from, amazing dynamic range, and ridiculous video specs in all our cameras. The decisions on what to get have become harder and harder. In this video we go over some of our favorite releases this year and why we like them.

This year we saw the Fuji XT20 and the Fuji XE2. Both of these cameras are essentially the same and only comes down to what type of body you prefer. Both have the same X-Trans CMOS III Sensor, (which is in both the XT2 and XPro2) They both shoot 4K video, and have a 91 Point Autofocus System. For photos, it uses a hybrid contrast and phase detect autofocus, but unfortunately for video, it only is contrast based autofocus.

The much loved OM-D E-M10 Mark II got an update this year with the Mark III. It shoots 4K video, has a new image processor, and has more autofocus points. If you truly want something from Olympus that is better, look into the E-M1 Mk II. It’s fabulous.

The GH5. If you haven’t heard about the GH5 by now, do yourself a favor and check it out. It truly is a monster of a camera, especially for video shooters. 4K at 60fps, 10 bit 4K, 6K anamorphic mode, Super slow motion footage. Oh, and it takes good stills too…

The newly released D850. Its the sorta flagship camera from Nikon. The D5 is the flagship, but this new D850 might as well be also. It has the same autofocus performance as the D5 and has a 45-megapixel sensor. It can also shoot 4k at full frame resolution. Really great camera from Nikon.

Every year it feels like Sony gives us way too many cameras to keep track of. This year we got the new flagship mirrorless the A9. It has already been praised for its speed and performance, and it’ll be interesting to see how Sony performs in this high-end market.

Canon released a cinema camera this year that is making waves, the C200. It shoots 4K raw up to 60fps. The C200 is a great upgrade for anyone who is shooting on the C100 and will be used heavily in professional shoots. Canon also released one of our favorite little cameras, the SL2. Small and lightweight, but still so powerful for a Rebel camera. Great for vloggers and video shooters also because of the dual pixel autofocus.

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