Apple Joins Instagram To Show Off #shotoniphone

With over 1 trillion pictures being shot on the iPhone every year, Apple is now joining Instagram to highlight their phone’s photographic potential. To be featured by Apple, all you have to do to do is tag your photo with hashtag “#shotoniphone.” Apple’s Instagram won’t have ads for products or services since their aim is solely on photography. Once your photo gets tagged, Apple will select pictures they wish to feature and contact you on your Instagram account. The featured photos on Apple’s Instagram are a slideshow of photos per post and short GIF like video clips like Apple Live Photos.


What’s the Point of Apple Joining Instagram?

iPhone photography is the plain and simple reason for Apple’s move to join Instagram. Not only does their new account give the opportunity to showcase photographs from amateurs and professionals worldwide, but it is a perfect marketing tool to highlight their products potential for photography. With the rise of mobile photography from competitors like Samsung and Google, Apple is aiming to stay ahead with their new Instagram account.

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More Than Just Photos.

The featured photographs are more than just photos; they are short video clips. Almost like a Vine, some of these pictures are just Apple’s Live Photos with a twist.

What is Apple Looking For?

There are only a handful of featured posts, but it seems like Apple is looking for more than just one single photo. All the selected photos have some kind of narration or storytelling in the background. Every single featured post is either a slideshow of various photos telling a story or a short video clip with some kind of background music.


Right now, Apple’s main Instagram account only has 9 featured posts. The first photo was featured on August 7th, 2017 by Mirabai M., and it is a bee running into another bee on a flower with a background noise which resembles a truck crash. Another selected post showcases a set of waves and a surfer riding a barrel with an Australian man narrating in the background; his story tells where to place yourself to take the best photos of an incoming wave. Another post shows portrait pictures of people from Philadelphia in diverse and vivid background colors. The latest featured post has a set of greyscale city pictures and a song called I Learned My Lesson by Willie Davis playing in the background.

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The photographs on Apple’s Instagram page are either unique or professionally done to mimic DSLR like images. If you are aiming to have your photos featured, make sure to bring something new to the table!

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